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Performance-Based Learning Tool

There are dozens of certifications that cover a wide range of cybersecurity and IT theory and best practices. The problem with many of these certifications is not the subject matter they cover or the breadth and depth of their material: the issue lies with the way prospective candidates are assessed at the end of training. Certifying an individual based on knowledge alone is only part of the solution. The most effective way to gauge a cybersecurity professional’s abilities is with a hands-on, performance-based laboratory exam that reflects the realities of the current workplace.

The AoE™ Training team developed PerformanScore® to measure a candidate’s ability to find the most efficient or trusted approach to execute cybersecurity job tasks. It also allows instructors to provide guidance based upon each candidate’s problem-solving technique.

PerformanScore uniquely and adaptively measures performance skills across a range of credible responses to cybersecurity threats. The tool compares a candidate’s actions against grading criteria, which compares them to an adaptive scoring rubric in real-time. As a result, AoE instructors provide instant and specific feedback that enables candidates to progress more rapidly and master more efficient cybersecurity techniques.

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