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Computer Network Operations (CNO) Support

Comtech TCS' Cyber Intelligence Group (CIG) supports and develops every facet of Computer Network Operations (CNO). CIG draws from a deep pool of professional experience to develop successful partnerships with commercial enterprises and a wide array of government agencies.

Comtech TCS is committed to understanding an organization's mission and finding the perfect solution to stringent security requirements. CIG is ISO 9000 and 27001 certified.

Our cyber solutions have been applied to commercial enterprises, US federal agencies, and the US Intelligence community.

Below are some of the CNO Support offerings.

  • Engineering

    CIG helps our clients innovate. We design products, services, environments, and technical experiences through our problem-solving engine. Our lead systems engineers have been responsible for leading programs through requirements gathering efforts over CONUS and OCONUS customer sites. CIG has developed systems requirements specifications, system design documents, sub-system designs, and hosted various program's initial system requirements review process.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    CIG has hosted working team sessions with dissemination subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop Unified Modeling Language (UML) use cases and operational scenarios. Our teams are responsible for directing efforts of data modeling teams tasked to produce community-wide data models to maximize data sharing at all stages of intelligence production process.

  • Information Assurance

    CIG provides total Information Assurance (IA) through a proven methodology to provide high-quality technical infrastructure support services. Many of the IA services we provide are listed below:

    • Zero knowledge penetration testing
    • Full scope internal vulnerability assessment testing, reporting and mitigation
    • Wireless vulnerability testing
    • Information Systems Certification & Accreditation (DOD, GOV standards) DITSCAP, NIACP, and NISCAP
    • Complete Network Security systems management (real-time management of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, analysis and reporting) 24X7 Threat mitigation
    • Policy & procedure review development and documentation
    • Patch management, Security CCB
    • Physical security testing of IT systems and facilities to include Red Black separation requirements

    CIG offers IA training such as Security awareness training conducted at three different levels (User, Administrators/Engineers, and executive level) and Penetration Team Training (internal and external). For more information on other training, visit the Art of Exploitation website.

  • Information Operations

    Our unclassified services are IDS monitoring, firewall deployment and O&M, web proxy, email gateway, desktop and OS security, vulnerability assessment, develop/review policy, virus/spyware detection/mitigation, and network security architect/design. We also offer the following:

    • Computer Network Operations
    • Computer Network Attack, Exploitation, and Defense
    • Threat assessment analysis and reporting (not virus threat, state and non-state sponsored threats)
    • IO Engineering support
    • IO Operations support, training development
    • C2 protection tools
    • IO Technical Studies and Analysis
    • Exercise planning
    • Civil affairs
    • Defining IO Operational requirements
    • CONOP development in support of National Level Policy and Procedures
    • NETCENTRIC Warfare support
  • Intelligence Analysis

    CIG works with clients to define their needs and objectives to provide the best analysis. Many of the analysis services we provide are listed below:

    • Foreign area analysis
    • Threat analysis
    • Threat reporting, collection, and dissemination
    • C4ISR management
    • Apply and enhance emerging analytical techniques and tools to the intelligence mission to include collaborative and management process
    • Geo-Political studies and reporting
    • CI/HUMINT support to the warfighter
    • Doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) development
    • OSINT, MASINT, and IMINT analysis and reporting support
    • Full spectrum Intelligence analysis and reporting support for any geographical location in the world
    • Red, Black book development in support of the warfighter
    • Fact book development and dissemination
  • Program Management

    CIG follows processes consistent with the Project Management Institutes body of knowledge (PMBOK), which includes PMP certification. CIG has adapted a Quality Assurance (QA) process developed and used by Industry leaders to design, develop, and deploy new features into networks, and incorporated it into the project implementation process. This QA process, called QGates, is ISO 9000- certified and has been used successfully since 1984. This integration of the best SE (Systems Engineering) and QA practices ensures the successful development and deployment of all projects undertaken by CIG. This unique approach to the project planning and project implementation processes allows us to achieve the "To-Be" environment while sustaining performance integrity and minimizing risk.

    The project implementation process includes QA checkpoints throughout development commitment, integration and test, system verification test, first field test, and operational evaluation. It further ensures continued coordination with and approval from our customers at every step. Each QA checkpoint evaluates the products of each step in the implementation process against specific exit and entry criteria. If the requisite criteria are not met, the project's implementation progress is halted and appropriate corrective actions performed.

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