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The pace of technology change today is staggering. Product life cycles, driven by the competitive commercial IT market, continue to shrink and for some products and technologies are less than 1 year.

Industrial and defense applications, on the other hand, favor stability. The design and qualification phase of most major industrial or military systems is greater than 1 year.

Comtech TCS helps manage product and technology obsolescence in a number of ways.

  • Product compatibility between generations of product (such as Proteus and Proteus Plus) allows form, fit and function replacement with minimal qualification cost and risk.
  • TCS Engineering works with controller vendors to stretch the lifetime of a given design by one or more Flash product generations. Robust qualification ensures that this is done with no data integrity risk.
  • We customize our existing products for you to emulate older SSDs that have been discontinued by their manufacturer including adding special erase or other features.

The pace of change is not slowing down. Companies large and small trust Comtech TCS to help them maintain solid state storage compatible with their systems in the face of this change. Shouldn’t you?

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