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E9-1-1 Solutions for CDMA Carriers

Americans report that Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) is the most important location application to have on their wireless phone. However, wireless carriers attempting to navigate the technical and regulatory gauntlet of implementing wireless E9-1-1 service frequently encounter cost overruns, technical, and integration problems and deployment delays.

Wireless E9-1-1: Save Yourself the Trouble

Comtech Telecommunications is a partner who ensures that your deployment of wireless E9-1-1 is timely and headache-free. Our Wireless E9-1-1 solution enables wireless CDMA operators to comply with Phase I and Phase II of the FCC mandate, while providing the life-saving emergency services and security that wireless consumers expect.

By using the efficient, open architecture of our award-winning Xypoint® Location Platform and our traditional landline network, you can deliver wireless E9-1-1 call location information to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) quickly, easily, and on budget.

Delivering E9-1-1 Solutions CDMA Carriers Need

The Comtech Telecommunications Wireless E9-1-1 solution provides you the public safety benefits CDMA carriers need most:

  • The most experienced deployment and location services team in the industry
  • A cost-effective, highly-reliable service bureau solution
  • Rapid implementation, requiring few carrier resources
  • Full compliance with FCC Phase I and II requirements
  • A current version of the Qualcomm PDM, enabled by Comtech Telecommunications software as a CDMA PDE.
  • Opportunity to increase subscriber loyalty and retention

Wireless E9-1-1 Experience You Can Trust

Since 1996, Comtech Telecommunications has been successfully delivering E9-1-1 service to 100 million U.S. subscribers of 30 wireless carriers. Every day, we handle more than 150,000 life-saving calls. And we’ve integrated with thousands of PSAPs, nearly all ALI (automatic location information) databases, and every major LEC (local exchange carrier).

Comprehensive Service

In addition to our proprietary technology platform, the Comtech Telecommunications Wireless E9-1-1 solution provides wireless operators with end-to-end support and comprehensive deployment, from switch integration, database management, and geographic information services (GIS) to compliance expertise, services to PSAPs, and cost-recovery assistance.

Rapid Deployment

As the industry’ most experienced wireless E9-1-1 provider, we have established strong working relationships with the LECs, PSAPs, and regulatory organizations that affect each deployment. These key relationships quickly cut through red tape to provide swift and smooth implementations for wireless carriers.

Public Safety Approach

The strength of the PSAP relationship enables Comtech Telecommunications to offer a consistent user experience across the United States. Unlike other vendors, Comtech Telecommunications works directly with the public safety community to validate solutions, perform troubleshooting, and ensure successful implementations. When your subscribers dial 9-1-1, their calls will be answered by local responders.

E9-1-1 for CDMA diagram

Deliver wireless E9-1-1 call location information to the appropriate PSAP quickly, easily, and on budget. (Click image to enlarge)

How Wireless E9-1-1 Works

The Comtech Telecommunications Wireless E9-1-1 solution enables wireless carriers to meet Phase I and II of the FCC mandate while providing the life-saving emergency services and security that wireless consumers expect. Utilizing the unique architecture of the Xypoint Location Platform and existing networks, Comtech Telecommunications enables wireless carriers to handle wireless E9-1-1 calls by delivering the 10-digit callback number and originating location information to the appropriate PSAPs. Where Phase II 9-1-1 has been deployed, Comtech Telecommunications integrates with your selected location vendor to provide callers’ location coordinates to the PSAP.

This information allows public safety personnel to immediately dispatch the appropriate emergency services to the caller’s location and quickly call them back if disconnected for any reason.

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