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Address Validation Service

RAVE9-1-1®: Real-Time Address Validation Engine

Accurate and unambiguous addresses or locations for any subscriber—whether VoIP, wireless, or landline—are essential to E9-1-1 systems. Currently, PSAP's (Public Safety Answering Points) validate caller location with a locally managed dataset known as an MSAG (Master Street Address Guide). However, there’s no simple way for voice service providers to attain, match, and validate caller location data for VoIP and digital phone subscribers.

RAVE9-1-1® (Real-time Address Validation Engine) is an award-winning address validation service that meets the 9-1-1 requirements for VSP’s, Cable MSO’s, ILEC’s, CLEC’s, and any other provider offering nomadic or fixed-line voice service.

RAVE9-1-1’s revolutionary process of matching the subscriber's location (service address) to the E9-1-1 MSAG data assures you that validated E9-1-1 MSAG data will be provided to the PSAP, that you are then safe to provision the subscriber, and that they can be added to your network.

A scalable solution, RAVE9-1-1 provides accurate real-time responses, increases order velocity by an order of magnitude, and is operationally inexpensive.

Validating Location Data: Quick, Efficient, and Reliable

RAVE9-1-1 unifies nationwide MSAG data, thereby providing VoIP, cable MSO, and landline carriers with inexpensive and automatic highly accurate real-time validation.

The RAVE9-1-1 system uses an innovative method that adopts a patented three-tiered approach to attaining, matching, and validating subscriber location data:

  1. Automatic validation: Upon receiving a call for emergency assistance, RAVE9-1-1 automatically validates the subscriber's service address and associates it with the MSAG data contained in the Comtech Telecommunications validation database.
  2. Semi-automatic validation: Should a record fail to match, RAVE9-1-1 returns MSAG-compliant alternatives which are then analyzed and compared to ensure validation.
  3. Assisted validation: If a record still can’t be processed, the subscriber location data undergoes web-assisted validation. Using the Positive Address Selection System (PASS™), Comtech Telecommunications’ state-of-the-art web-based tool, MSO and VSP 9-1-1 analysts can match civic addresses to the corresponding MSAG in an efficient and cost-effective managed environment that can be further automated using the provided APIs.

This multi-level approach assures VSP’s, Cable MSO’s, and broadband providers that the subscriber's service address is validated against E9-1-1 MSAG data is ready to provision into the provider networks.

RAVE9-1-1 System diagram. Click to enlarge

Accurate and inexpensive, the Comtech Telecommunications RAVE9-1-1 real-time address validation engine is a bulk on-demand automatic MSAG-matching service that scales to your needs. (Click image to enlarge)

More Than Public Safety

The Comtech Telecommunications process has revolutionized the matching of civic addresses to the appropriate MSAG and opens the way for additional service. The simple act of validating civic addresses provides an avenue for many enterprises to update their subscriber database to assure accurate delivery, billing accuracy, and minimize mailing misroutes.

Key Advantages

  • Direct, measurable revenue impact through (1) real-time validation capability that can be extended into your order process, (2) faster order to revenue realization through shortening provisioning time, and (3) reduction in order shrinkage.
  • Scalability: With an ability to process thousands of records every hour, RAVE9-1-1 can match and verify large quantities of records in real-time. It operates as a standalone service or bundled with Comtech Telecommunications’ LivewirE9-1-1™ routing engine. Offers B2B API, batch mode, and web-based access.
  • Accuracy: RAVE9-1-1 provides assurance that the civic address is correct and matches the MSAG. It also allows real-time feedback to subscribers for correction of the most common mistakes.
  • MSAG and civic validation: RAVE9-1-1 uses nationwide GIS and MSAG data and employs “fuzzy logic” to search GIS and MSAG datasets. The service also supports the return of other location-based data, including GIS data.
  • Economy: The RAVE9-1-1 service’s automatic processing is significantly less expensive than manual verification. The service integrates easily into back-end order management systems or customer care applications.
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