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Navigation Applications

Comtech Telecommunications offers many powerful GPS-enabled Navigation applications like Gokivo® 2.0 and VZ Navigator. Whether traveling for business or picking up the kids, Comtech Telecommunications' mobile phone navigation applications make it easy for users to find whatever they need, whenever they need it. Directions to nearby restaurants, ATMs, hotels, theaters and other points of interest are never more than a few clicks away. Subscribers can instantly pinpoint their current location and confidently plot their next move.

GPS navigation platform provides a complete turn-key solution that's built upon a highly-reliable data center infrastructure.

  • Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation
  • Easy location search and optional voice search
  • Route selector options and traffic guidance
  • Natural lane guidance for precision navigation
  • Intelligent re-routing
  • Public transit, driving, and walking directions
  • Weather overlay

Gokivo® 2.0 – Coming Soon!

Gokivo 2.0 with weather map overlay on a smartphone

With Gokivo® 2.0 you receive real time turn-by-turn visual and audible directions, and by integrating with sources like TripAdvisor and Yelp, you can search points of interest such as businesses, restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, and airports.

Gokivo 2.0 includes realistic 3D buildings in major cities, enabling you to quickly orient yourself to your new location and boasts automatic re-routing to help you get to your destination faster. We’ve added enhanced search and weather overlay, providing an intuitive and feature-rich application to get you where you need to go.


  • Animated DopplerNav™ weather overlay displays real-time weather conditions on the map. Users may access accurate weather conditions while traveling, increasing safety.
  • Enriched 3D maps deliver a seamless experience with pan, zoom and tilt controls, 3D landmarks and buildings, highway signs, speed limit information with alerts, real-time traffic details and more.
  • Spoken guidance is provided in a conversational tone to ensure users understand upcoming directions. Local and native language support allows the user to choose from more than 30 languages.
  • Lane guidance shows the precise traffic lane drivers should use, helping to avoid confusion and missed turns.
  • Enhanced search supports intelligent search, auto-suggest and premium content such as gas prices, movie listings, local events, ratings and reviews.
  • Point of interest (POI) information includes detailed content such as pictures, hours of operation, contact information and other relevant details.
  • Sharing of information is supported through messaging, email and social applications such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search while navigating allows the user to conduct POI searches during a navigation session to locate gas stations, restaurants and other destinations along the route.

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