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Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) and Standalone SMLC (SAS)

Location Servers

Our Xypoint® Serving Mobile Location Center uses a range of location technologies including Enhanced Cell-ID(Serving Cell ID, Range, and Signal Strength Measurements), A-GNSS, OTDOA and Terrestrial Beacon Systems-based position determination techniques to cater for a diverse range of geographical environments, both indoor and outdoor. Our Xypoint® Serving Mobile Location Center products also offer hybridization of positioning techniques to further enhance yield and accuracy.

Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) was introduced as part of location service architecture in 3GPP. In general, SMLC manages the overall coordination and scheduling of resources required to perform positioning of a mobile, and calculates the final location estimate and accuracy.

Comtech Telecommunications’ SMLC product supports the following functionality in GSM and GERAN radio networks:

  • Calculates location estimates based cell information and TA value.
  • Translates network identities to location estimates.
  • Communication with BSS via “Lb” interface.

The XLP-SMLC can provide coarse (Cell-ID) or better-than-coarse (Cell-ID plus Timing Advance) positioning methods. It is therefore well suited to provide location services that do not require high precision, like weather, traffic and emergency services. It is especially useful when user-plane solutions like SUPL cannot be used due to the requirement that the service needs to work on all handsets (i.e. no handset dependency).

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