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Assisted GPS (A-GPS) Satellite Reference Network

Xypoint® Reference Network

The Xypoint® Reference Network (XRN) provides data on any satellite, for any location, at any given moment for precision location solutions in the format required by the Operator’s Location Server. Accessing multiple networks of satellite receivers and constantly downloading data from strategically positioned receivers around the world, is able to deliver reference data necessary to deploy Commercial or Emergency A-GNSS services from its TL-9000 geo-redundant data centers.

Our Satellite Reference Network converts data into any specific format required by A-GPS servers, ensuring efficient and reliable service. It utilizes satellite assistance data from Xypoint Reference Network or another data source and the Xypoint® Assistance Data Server to provide this customized connectivity within a wireless operator’s network.

Comtech Telecommunications’ Satellite Reference Network is available as a hosted service or deployed as an in-network solution, providing operators with a carrier-grade solution that meets their network’s specific demands.

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Xypoint® Reference Network
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Xypoint® Location Platform
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