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Xypoint® Position Determining Engine (PDE)

Location Server

The Position Determining Engine (PDE) module in the Xypoint® Location Platform (XLP) is a standards-based, integrated, and highly scalable solution that provides the precise location information of devices in an operator’s CDMA network. This precise location is provided to applications such as turn-by-turn navigation, family finder and field force management.

Comtech Telecommunications’ PDE module supports the Mobile Positioning Center (MPC) when precise location information is required. It provides GPS satellite assistance to mobile devices when A-GPS position determination is required.  It may also determine the final position of the mobile device for a number of positioning algorithms including AFLT, A-GPS, and their hybrids. The Comtech Telecommunications PDE delivers unparalleled precision for both User Plane and Control Plane transactions. It uses the positioning technology of QUALCOMM/SnapTrack, a subsidiary of QUALCOMM. The commercially-proven QUALCOMM/SnapTrack PDM solution is a hybrid of satellite and terrestrial signals, so it operates in many challenging environments, for example, indoors, in dense urban canyons, and in rural areas with limited network coverage.

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