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Location Based Services

Global Market Leader of End-to-End Location-Based Services Solutions – Outdoor and Indoor

Comtech Telecommunications offers a complete portfolio of location-based services (LBS) solutions to start or enhance your LBS business. Our Location Solutions support the generation and distribution of location information for both indoor and outdoor environments and we provide state-of-the-art LBS applications and APIs. We provision all aspects of the LBS value chain, backed by two decades of LBS experience.

Comtech Telecommunications was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the only true end-to-end LBS provider globally. ABI Research and Informa Telecoms & Media rank Comtech Telecommunications as the second largest global provider of location infrastructure.

Hosted in the Cloud or In-network LBS Solutions

We offer both active and passive location solutions, designed to optimize your location results while reducing network impact in either a Hosted or In-network configuration. Our LBS hosted solution is designed to minimize deployment timeline, costs, and resource requirements. As part of this solution offering, Comtech Telecommunications provides project management, coordination, and testing support. The hosted cloud solution can be converted to an in-network solution at a later date, when it makes sense – administratively, financially, and technically – to do so.

The Comtech Telecommunications in-network LBS solution is integrated into your environment and is built in a modular, extensible manner, allowing vertical (capacity) expansion with no impact to existing services. Scalability is an important design criterion for our in-network Location Solution, and it allows capacity expansion as your business grows.

Indoor Location APIs

Comtech Telecommunications offers a robust, high-accuracy indoor-outdoor positioning and navigation capability for map makers, applications developers, solutions providers, carriers, handset manufacturers and others in the location-centric services space. This capability can reside in any mobile consumer or enterprise device, giving the user unparalleled positioning performance outdoors, indoors or underground.

Location Applications and APIs

Our application interface modules provide location information to requesting applications while maintaining critical privacy controls. With these innovative solutions, you receive revenue-producing application opportunities suitable for different market and customer needs including, navigation, hyper-local search, asset tracking, and people locator.

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