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SwiftPoint 360

The Next Generation Automated Line-of-Sight Antenna Positioner

Comtech Telecommunications SwiftPoint 360 Line-of-sight (LOS) Antenna Positioner creates quick set-up, improved accuracy, and is very easy to use. SwiftPoint 360’s flexible, reliable, and rugged design enables users to use a wide variety of directional antennas in extreme environments achieving fast set-up and high accuracy with minimal training.

SwiftPoint 360 allows worldwide deployment and link set-up information using an embedded GPS and compass. The SwiftPoint 360 link tool calculates target heading based on automated or manual location data. The application tools are on-board and can be accessed via a standard web browser that enables the user to operate multiple systems from a single computer.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automated alignment of wireless links
  • Rapid deployment
  • 360 degrees of azimuth travel
  • 20 degrees of elevation travel
  • Higher accuracy versus manual pointing
  • Web-based user interface
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Integrated GPS and compass
  • High reliability
  • Radio agnostic
  • Minimal training
  • Tool-less installation

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Sales inquires outside the US:

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  • Carib. & Latin Am. +1 703.727.1995
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SwiftPoint 360
SwiftPoint 360
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