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Wireless Point-to-Point Link (WPPL)

A cost-effective addition to a traditional VSAT solution

The Comtech Telecommunications Wireless Point-to-Point Link (WPPL) provides secure line-of-sight / non-line-of-sight RF communications over terrestrial microwave radio links at distances extending up to 35 miles. A cost-effective addition to a traditional VSAT solution, the Comtech Telecommunications WPPL, comprised of Redline and Harris radios mounted on a 35 foot adjustable mast, allows for NIPR, SIPR, VoIP, Video, and DSN transmission of vital information in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration.

Robust, highly reliable, and easily deployable

Designed to fulfill communications needs in the austere conditions of current military operational theaters, the WPPL is easy to field yet robust enough to withstand extremes of temperature, wind, humidity, and altitude. Deployed field units will welcome the simplicity of installing, operating, and maintaining the WPPL. Packaged in six easily transportable cases with a total weight of under 1,000 lbs, the WPPL provides the end user flexibility in determining the scope of Local Area Network (LAN) communications. From the WPPL hub station outwards to fielded units, military-standard COMSEC and TRANSEC capabilities ensure the security of data communications.

Organizations that require secure, uninterrupted transmission of information over long distances now have an alternative solution to bandwidth: the Comtech Telecommunications WPPL, for reliable connectivity.

Key features

WPPL features a broad array of features that include the following:

  • Simultaneous point-to-point and point-to-multipoint capabilities
  • User-selectable dual frequency bands (4.4-5.0 GHz and 5.4-5.7 GHz)
  • Flexible network topologies and easy-to-use
  • Interoperable with existing fielded data communication systems
  • Provides support for voice (VoIP) and IP telephony, video (VTC, live or streaming), and data


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Wireless Point-to-Point Link (WPPL)
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