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Customer Source Inspection

Since the 1970s, Comtech TCS SCT engineers—then as part of TRW Components International—have been visiting manufacturer plant sites across America and beyond to inspect devices prior to seal and prior to shipment. With many device types, the best way to be assured of the quality of a device is to inspect it not only when its manufacture is complete, but before it is sealed. We avoid countless problems by inspecting parts during precap source inspection—performed before a device is sealed or encapsulated—or during final source inspection—performed on a completed product before it is shipped. This is done on 100% of the parts in a lot, to minimize the possibility of “escapes.”

Our engineers perform their source inspections per the requirements of MIL-STD-750 Method 2071 or JESD22-B101B but we can also tailor our inspections to any custom requirements. All required rework, causes for part or lot rejection, and other findings are documented in detail on a Quality Field Report form.

Quality Field Report examplecQuality Field Report example

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